A soft answer? [fic]

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A soft answer? [fic]

Postby Alice Macher » Thu Jun 24, 2010 10:10 pm

[Um, hi. So there hasn't been any fanfic hereabouts for awhile. Let's see what I can do about that. --Alice]


When Stan took Cyndi up on her offer of a "lazy Saturday together," the cheers and wolf-whistles came louder and lustier than ever, mostly from the boys, although a smattering of girls joined in the cacophony, with Tharqa the loudest as usual. The girls seated in front row center, however, were a different story. Brandi stared glassy-eyed at Stan, her mouth frozen in a gape. Aggie, eyes narrowed, glared at Cyndi, who was still too busy savoring her moment to notice. Lisa, having caught sight of Brandi who was now attempting to fight off tears, made haste to remove all Stan-related paraphernalia and stash them out of sight. Hat. Buttons. Badges. Flag. Shorts--no, wait, she needed those on. She made a mental note to dash for her locker and pull on her emergency track pants as soon as the assembly was finally over.

Lisa didn't have long to wait. As the cheering began to die down, Bob, seated beside her, cupped his hands around his mouth and shouted "Hey, Cyn, show us yer t*ts!"

Principal Giuliani vaulted onto the stage and gestured Cyndi away from the microphone before she could respond. "Right," he said, "I think we've heard all we need to from our candidates. And then some. Thank you both. Voting will take place by the table at the front entrance until three p.m. today. And now, anti-climactic as it may be for some of you, it's back to class. Except for you." He pointed at Bob and stared down the length of his index finger like a hunter sighting his game. "I'll see you in my office. Now. You bring that mouth of yours; I'll provide the soap."

"Ooooooh!" came the inevitable chorus.

"Kill him. Gonna kill that f***ing man-ho bastard," said Penny, speed-walking down the hall as she and Aggie headed to the cafeteria forty minutes later. "I just knew he'd hurt Brandi one of these days. I'll make him regret the first goddamn time he ever kissed m-- her."

Aggie was too focused on Penny's tirade to register the Freudian slip. "You're not seriously gonna beat him up, are you? Considering what you did after Braz tried to brain Jack--nice move, by the way--I'd think you'd--"

Penny exhaled through pursed lips. "No. No, I'm not going to beat him up. Not physically." Her lips curled upward into a Grinch-like grin. "But I'ma tell that sonofabitch off so hard, his balls 'll shrivel up. Oh, don't look at me like you've never heard the word, Saint Agathe. I know things about him, you see. Little secrets Rich told me the first time we were dating."


"And now I'm gonna throw them back in his smug little gerbil face. In front of as many of his girly-girl and playa-boy fans as I can."


"Oh, the look that'll be on his face when I tell him, tell everyone, about the time he cried like a baby when he cut his gums trying to open a--"

Aggie poked her in the shoulder. "Penny."

Penny stopped walking and turned to face her. "What."

"Don't you see? This was all a setup by Cyndi."

"What was a setup?"

"Listen. You and I know what a manipulator that bitch is. Not that she always succeeds, but her track record for wrapping people around her finger while pulling her good-girl act is impressive. So why is it she's been trailing Stan so bad in the polls? Why has she relied on idiot thugs like Samantha, Tharqa and Braz to come up with sabotages you'd think she'd know would never work?"

"I don't know," said Penny, her fingers clenching and unclenching, "but I got a feeling you're gonna tell me."

"Because she couldn't care less about the damn election, that's why. She wanted Stan to get all cocky and overconfident, just so she could trap him into hurting and humiliating Brandi and sabotaging the first serious relationship he's ever had, and now probably the only one he'll end up having until college."

Penny thought for a few seconds. "Well, maybe she set the trap, but he sure as hell didn't have to take the bait. So f**k Cyndi. He's the one who hurt one of my best friends, and he's the one who--"

Aggie sighed. "Penny, try to see sense here. Getting all shouty and red in the face isn't going to--"

"Enough with your hippie crap already. What is it with you lately? Sticking up for that racist homophobe Xena, turning the other cheek to lacrosse balls comin' at you fifty miles an hour, and now telling me I don't have the right to be pissed at Mr. Metrosexual when he sh*ts all over those girls who're crazy enough to love him. Don't get 'all shouty?' When you come out with peacenik garbage like that, it only makes me--rrrrgh."

"Look," said Aggie, her voice barely above a whisper. "What is it you want from me?"

"I want you to get angry, God damn it.."

"Oh, I'm sorry. Would you prefer that instead of treating you with respect and kindness--y'know, like a friend--I went back to spraying you with soda while screaming 'Hitler' at you?"

"No, not angry like that. Geez. I do want you to show some spunk, some fire again. Y'know, like you used to."

Aggie looked down at her foot grazing the floor. "I...I was bitter back then. Still angry about what happened to my mom. Still sure that the only way to carry out her wishes was to go around carrying signs, chanting slogans." She looked up at her friend. "Making life miserable for people just because they were popular. Is that the old me you're so anxious to bring back, Penny?"

"No." Penny took her hand. "I want to see that--"

"I don't get it. That what?"

Penny burst into tears. "That thing that Sara first made me see in you."

Aggie blinked, her face a blank. "Sara? What's she got to do with--" And then the school hallway seemed to Aggie as if it had disappeared, replaced with a disturbing, yet somehow familiar, setting.

A sky streaked dark with blood. Snow. A cliff-side. End of the line. A tearful blonde girl, moments from death, holding her hand, looking at her new friend. As though realizing it was now or never, asking her whether she meant anything to her. And then a predatory swoop, a scream, and it was all over. Her one chance to...

Aggie shook her head and snapped back to the present. She looked at her friend, still in tears, but quietly so. "Penny? Are you saying what I think you are?"

Penny sniffled. "I--yeah. Maybe. Um, listen, Ag, I was all upset over what happened to Brandi just now, so let's why don't we just forget I ever said that."

"Or, not." Aggie added her other hand to the hand-clasp and smiled. "Truth is, Penny, I think deep down I know how you feel about me. The way Sara said."

Penny shifted her weight from one foot to another. "And?"

"And...well, as for me, these last few months I've come to suspect that I'm--in general, I mean, I'm not sure if specifically for..." She felt her cheeks growing flushed and hot and stopped herself. "Hey, y'know what? This isn't really the best place to talk about all this, in front of all the Elmers and Bobs. But you've got double lunch today, like me, right?" Penny nodded. "And it's sunny and warm outside. What say we grab a couple of wraps from that place across the street and talk this over while we eat in the park?"

Penny smiled. "I'd like that. I can get my usual Dead Animal Surprise while you eat your Tofu 'n' Grass Delight or whatever it's called. You hippie."

They headed for the exit. It was indeed a clear, sunny day, not a blood-streak in sight. "By the way," said Aggie, her arm nestled in Penny's, "you do realize even us hippies can't actually digest grass. But we're working on it."
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Postby L'HommeQuiRit » Fri Jun 25, 2010 9:17 am

Not bad at all, Alice. Yes, it has been while since we've had fan fics, even longer since we've had non-comic ones. (I like the silly comical ones too, but it's nice to have variety.)

That being said, I lol'ed at Lisa almost taking off her Stan-shorts before catching herself. I could easy see her doing that. :lol:

The only criticism I make is that the part where Aggie remembers her dream is a little too much like melodrama. Also the whole Cyndi/Stan theme just kind of disappeared. Still, conversations, especially when intense and emotional like this, do go off track in real life, with people forgetting the original purpose...

All in all, very nicely done!
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