Blessed are the peacemakers: A P&A vignette

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Blessed are the peacemakers: A P&A vignette

Postby Pakash » Tue Nov 11, 2008 2:09 am

Pt. 1

Penny sat in the front most coffee shop booth facing the entrance, drumming her fingers on the table and swinging her right leg in wide arcs. Three reconciliations in two days. Whoosh. Yesterday's conversation with Sara had been relatively easy. Their spat had taken place only a few days ago, based on a single moment of misjudgement and miscommunication, and what was that between lifelong friends? That led directly to Reconciliation Number Two, early this morning. Even though she agreed with Sara about it being necessary, if only to stop that f***ing...even though it was necessary, Penny had dreaded that chat with Aggie, not only for the pride-swallowing involved but also because she honestly didn't know whether her enemy of two years would accept her help. Especially when she came upon her crumpled and trembling on the sidewalk.

Honestly, she wouldn't have blamed her for shooing her away in that state. But a few considered, rehearsed--and, given the trembling bit, revised--words, and suddenly they were allies convening at Aggie's home for a preliminary strategy meeting, with Sara, that iPod girl and the two Scoobies in tow. Sure, there was some trust-related awkwardness in the air; Daphne in particular seemed to barely contain the urge to eyeroll whenever Penny refreshed her lipstick out of habit. And true, nothing much had been decided except the particulars for their next meeting. But it still went immeasurably better than she'd expected.

And then, as the meeting was breaking up and Penny was reassuring Mr. D'Amour that no one had put any funny stuff in his coffee, Sara had tapped her on the shoulder.

"You know, there's someone else I think you should have a talk with. Someone you--we--haven't spoken to in months, and we can't blame Karen or Charlotte for that."

It had taken a moment for her meaning to sink in, and when it did--BAM. Sara smiled. "Think about it, okay? Not like you have to do it right this minute. But whenever you do it, call me after." And she was gone.

What the hell, Penny had thought after regaining her composure. Why not today? I'm on a roll here.

Now, an hour later, there she was in the coffee shop with, uncharacteristically, no idea what she was going to say when Katy-Ann walked in. Oh, she was pretty sure her onetime friend would be all, "I'm sorry; can you forgive me?", so full of Christian love and kindness, not like that psycho fundie tw*t...Yeah, it wasn't what Katy-Ann would have to say that worried Penny. It was whether she herself would be able to answer, "Yes."

*To be continued*
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Blessed are the peacemakers, Pt. 2

Postby Pakash » Tue Nov 11, 2008 3:53 am

She was playing with loose grains of sweetener from the table when she heard a voice. ", hi Penny."

Penny looked up. "So, you got my text."

"Well, you know me. I'm all about texts. Like, sacred texts?"

Penny groaned and half-smiled. Humour had never been one of Katy-Ann's strongest suits. "Yyyyeah...Well come on, get yourself a cup of whatever and have a seat."

Moments later, Katy-Ann brought her raspberry tea to the booth and sat down. "I'm...I'm so sorry about what Karen and her, um, friends did to you," she said.

Penny waved her hand. "Never mind that now. Thanks, though.'s Jack?"

"Jack? He's fine. We've been working on the sets every day after school, getting to know each other better..." She blushed, grinned and looked down at her teacup.

Penny raised an eyebrow. "Has he ever...?"

"Oh, he's a perfect gentleman. I had to plant the first kiss so he'd know it was safe. Um, no tongues or anything, just--"

"I figured that." She stirred her coffee. "You know, I never liked Mr. Lookit-me-I'm-a-playa Esquire Boy, but Jack...I always thought he was okay. I respect him."

"Thank you," said Katy-Ann. "Listen, I know you didn't want to talk about...but I have to ask: how's Sara?"

"Well, she was hit pretty hard as you can imagine, but she's taken it much better than I expected. I think Aggie and her friends helped a lot with that. More'n I did at first." She noticed Katy-Ann looking puzzled at the positive mention of Aggie, probably the first she'd ever heard from her mouth. But never mind that now. " don't have a problem with Sara being...?"

"Gay? Of course not." Katy-Ann bristled. "Why would I? Didn't I once tell you I thought any kind of love was preferable to hate?"

"Oh. Yeah. Sorry. Wait, weren't you talking about me and Ag--Oh. my. God. Sara got to you too, didn't she?" Penny began to chuckle.

"Got to me?"

"You know...with her Penny and Aggie Cross-Fertilization Project." She burst out laughing, slapping the table, tears rolling down her cheeks. Katy-Ann joined in with tiny peals of laughter and half-covered her reddening face.

"Oh man," Penny said finally. "Seems like ages since I last had a good laugh."

"I hear you. Um, listen Penny...about what happened between us..."

"Yeah?" This seemed a bit abrupt, but she listened.

"'s like they say: 'We have left undone those things which we ought to have done, and we have done those things which we ought not to have done.'"

"Who's 'they'?"

"Book of Common Prayer. Anyway, look, I know what I did to you really hurt, and I feel horrible about it, but--"

Penny shifted in her seat. "But...what?"

"But maybe now a few months have gone by, you realize it was for the best? I mean, Rich really wasn't right for you."

Penny stiffened. "So that's how it is," she said, looking down. "We're back where we were just after finals, with you making excuses for your--"

"That's not what I'm doing!"

"No? Then what do you call it, Katy-Ann? Either you're sorry or you're not. 'Apology' doesn't have the letters b-u-t anywhere in it."

Katy-Ann looked at Penny, frowned, crossed her arms. Without realizing it, Penny did the same.

*To be concluded*
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Blessed are the peacemakers, Pt. 3

Postby Pakash » Tue Nov 11, 2008 5:24 am

Penny stared at Katy-Ann. She'd known, hadn't she, that this meet-up would be a waste of time. Karen may have pulled Michelle, Brandi and even Sara away from her, but this stubborn know-it-all had done it all by herself, all for what she thought was best for her. Lousy, holier-than-thou, judgemental...

"Hey check it out, the lipstick lezzies are having a lovers' quarrel."

She spun to her right and saw Bob and Elmer leering at them. Why now? "Mind your own business, you bastards," she said.

"Penny, forget it. Just ignore them," said Katy-Ann.

"Oh, there you go again." She spun back to face her. "Always with the 'rise above it all' speechif--"

"Ooooh," Bob said. "What's the matter Pen-Pen? Not getting any?"

The coffee shop manager, a dimunitive, elderly man, came out from behind the counter. "Ey, you no leave those girls alone, I kick you outside."

Elmer smirked, took a few steps forward and stood over the man. "Shouldn't you be making our coffee?"

The manager sized up the situation, cursed under his breath, and retreated behind the counter.

Penny sighed. "Look, I gotta go." She stood up, but Bob blocked her way.

"Awww, c'mon Pen-Pen, we wanna see you two kiss and make up," he said, making puckering sounds, "and then we all can have a four--Owww!!"

Katy-Ann held Bob's arm tight behind his back. "I think you'd better leave us alone," she said.

Penny gaped. Who was this and what had she done with Katy-Ann?

Elmer lunged toward them. "Let go of him, you bitch, or I'll--" A quick, hard chop to the throat cut him off, doubled him up.

"Now apologize to my friend," said Katy-Ann. "Both of you."

"I'm sorry," said Bob.

"I'm sorry," said Elmer. Katy-Ann let Bob go and waited until they both left--a time measurable in seconds--then slumped into her seat with a sigh.

Penny grasped for words. " did you learn--?"

Katy-Ann smiled. "I spent last summer at the United Mission camp in Sri Lanka. One of the optional free-time activities was Women's Self-Defence. Lisa and I practiced on each other a lot. You think I'm good..."

"Holy hell," Penny said. "Kaptain Katy-Ann, superhero. Who'd-a thunk it?"

Katy-Ann didn't laugh. "Listen, Penny, were right. An apology should be just that, an apology. I'm sorry for telling on you and Rich. I thought it was the right thing to do, but I just ended up breaking your heart and losing you as a friend. I'm sorry. Period."

Penny bit her lip. "I forgive you. Look, Rich didn't have to leave when he saw my parents. That wasn't your fault." She looked down, flipped her hair, and met her friend's glance again. "And for my part, I'm sorry I told you to 'rot in hell.' That was bitchilicious of me. Will you forgive me?"

"Penny," said Katy-Ann, holding back tears, "Of course I forgive--wait, 'bitchilicious'?! Is that English? You sound just like Michelle." She collapsed in laughter, tears and all.

Laughing just as hard, Penny gasped for air. "Oh God...You know, we gotta get that girl back. Brandi too, if we can."

"We can. I'll help you. I know Sara will too. Bit of payback for Karen, without, you know, any nasty stuff."

"Yeah, Sara, Aggie, Lisa, Fred, Daphne...maybe that brain of Duane's can think something up."

Again Katy-Ann boggled at her mention of Aggie and friends. Penny smiled. "I know. There's a whole other story behind that. What's that the Bible says? 'Blessed are the cheesemakers...'"

Katy-Ann giggled and mock-punched her friend as they left the coffee shop to its relieved manager. "That's 'peacemakers,' you silly. 'Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called God's children.'"
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