Songfiction inspired by the current arc.

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Songfiction inspired by the current arc.

Postby sentora » Mon Dec 06, 2010 12:11 am

They were bouncing around my head for a while, finally got a chance to write them between finals. If you haven't heard of it before, Songfiction is basically writing a story around a song, either in music video format or prose. Be brutal, I welcome criticism.

Thanks go to Alice for prereading them.

I'll start with the lighter one first.

Miles don’t mean anything: Charlotte and Duane songfic.

A little pick me up for fellow Charlotte and Duane shippers. Spoilers within.
Charlotte and Duane are copyrighted to T. Campbell and G. Lagace, Creators of Penny and Aggie. Miles don’t mean anything is performed and copyrighted by Eye Alaska.

The scene opens within a hospital room, the curtains pulled back to reveal a rain soaked and miserable day outside. Only one bed is visible, surrounded by a heart monitor and various equipment, including an IV that feeds blood to the bed’s occupant. The camera takes a side view of the bed, revealing a worn but alive Charlotte, sleeping under sedation. A bandage in on her neck, her hair in disarray. A cop stands by the window, almost a specter in the severe black of her uniform.

Then Duane steps into view beside the bed, his eyes dark with undecipherable emotion. The mark of a sleepless night is obvious on him, but he stands by her side and reaches for her free hand, holding it in his larger one for a moment. Her reaction is minute, a slight shift in breathing and her eyes flutter, but she does not wake. Duane takes a breath, and we can hear him singing softly.

Cause when it rains, it pours in this town
A little darkness closes in
When you're not around,
I hope somehow that you can feel me
'Cause miles don't mean anything

He picks up the book on the dresser, The Old man and the Sea, and sits down in the chair by her bed. Starts’ reading to her as the music begins. He holds her hand as he does, and though she doesn’t wake, her breathing deepens and her sleep calms more as she unconsciously holds his hand tighter. The dark expression of before fades and he is the Duane we all know, getting animated as he continues.

The camera slightly pans around him as the hospital room brightens and subtly shifts, seamlessly bleeding into a flashback of a similar time as he looks up: Charlotte sitting in a chair across from him in an empty classroom, arguing with him with demure liveliness that is a far cry from her angry outbursts. He’s responding in kind, and while we can’t hear what they’re saying, the amusement in their eyes says it all.

And I've been unable to push you away.
But I'm able to understand life like the game we play

She says something that surprises him, Duane uncomfortably noticing how different she looks as she laughs softly and smiles at his defensive reply.

You're not afraid of love

The camera stays focused on her smiling expression as we subtly shift into another flashback, the two of them walking through the rain into her driveway. He’s holding an umbrella for the both of them as she walks beside him; limping and his eyes darken as he notices.

And I've been unable to get you away (She notices and looks away in embarrassment, saying good night)
To talk about the things I wish I could say (He responds automatically, watching her limp inside)
Do you know your worth? (His fist tightens and turns to leave, trying not to betray his angry thoughts)
'Cause every day I pray for your words (She leans against the door sadly, and then walks toward the camera)

The camera focuses on her expression and then pans out to show her walking through the halls of a mental institution, escorted by an orderly. She is now wearing a plain shirt and slacks, her hair showing the passage of time as it’s grown out of her severe style. Her neck bears a jagged scar, partially hidden by her longer hair. She looks healthier, but increasingly apprehensive.

'Cause when it rains, it pours in this town
A little darkness closes in

Once in her room, she pulls out the binoculars and sign language book from the last package she received.

When you're not around, (She looks out the barred window, scowling at the rain)
I hope somehow that you can feel me (Bites her lip and looks out with the binoculars.)
'Cause miles don't mean anything (A raincoated Duane sits in the highest tree outside the complex)
More than time exists (He waves to her as he lowers his binoculars, signing good evening to her.)
Over the momentary fix (Relief floods her face, and haltingly signs a greeting back.)
'Cause I've never felt so strong (Duane smiles, his hands rapid but graceful as they converse in sign)
Maybe I'm just wrong (Charlotte’s signing is just as fluid, mimicking the same way they used to discuss.)
But I don't think so (The conversation goes on, the camera focusing on their hands…)
And Miles don't mean anything (...creating the illusion that they are touching despite the distance)

The music swells as the screen splits to show them both sitting and writing in their desks. Letters. Cards for the holidays. Poetry.

Miles don't mean anything…

It becomes a montage that shows the passing of months as they write: Snow blanketing the windows of their rooms. Charlotte looking healthier and less haggard. Duane growing his hair out again. Charlotte’s hair now to the small of her back. Duane attempting to grow a goatee. Badly from how he scratches it.

Late nights spent wondering (Both of them stop writing, opening their drawer.)
What I'm going to do with myself (She takes out the same Old Man and the Sea novel from before.)
I'm always stuck inside my head or my heart (He takes out her old cross necklace)
You stole my heart (Duane holds it tightly. Charlotte hugs the book to her chest)

The camera focuses on the book momentarily, and then pans back to show Charlotte holding it to her chest as she walks into the visitation area of the faculty. She is dressed in a shirt and jeans, her hair still long but combed and tamed. A faint, nervous blush graces her cheeks.

'Cause when it rains, it pours in this town (No one is there to greet her behind the glass)
A little darkness closes in (She looks crushed, biting her lip)
When you're not around, (She grips the book tighter to her chest)
I hope somehow that you can feel me (Turns to leave…)
'Cause miles don't mean anything (…pauses as she hears the door open)
More than time exists (Duane plops into the seat, still wearing his raincoat and panting for breath)
Over the momentary fix (Her face lights up in relief, and blushes deeply as he smiles at her.)
'Cause I've never felt so strong (He apologizes as she sits, She teases him in sign and he protests back.)
Maybe I'm just wrong (Then to her surprise, he presses his fingers to the glass in silent invitation.)
But I don't think so (She shyly does the same, her blush deepening more as He smiles.)
And Miles don't mean anything

She opens the book, and it’s like the conversation from before never ended or the glass exists, the scene fading to black.
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Postby sentora » Mon Dec 06, 2010 12:19 am

This is the second one, a combination of Finals burnout and the right song coming up at the right time. Possible Spoilers within.

All characters within are copyrighted to T. Campbell and G. Lagace, Creators of Penny and Aggie. Animal I’ve Become is performed and copyrighted to Three Days Grace.

The scene opens with a close up on a very familiar cross necklace as the music begins, bouncing as Charlotte stomps through the hall surrounded by students. Switches to a side close up that shows her hair bouncing and the book she hugs to herself. Then a wide angle shot that shows her angry face and the entire hall, glaring at everything and everyone. With every hard guitar riff a face flashes across screen: First a sneering Tharqa. A smug Karen. An angry Samantha. and finally a sinisterly smiling Cyndi.

I can't escape this hell (Katy Ann is standing to her left, holding the bomb letter Charlotte wrote.)
So many times I've tried (Glares at her uncharacteristically, Charlotte unable to meet her eyes.)
But I'm still caged inside (Charlotte’s expression crumbles as she walks past Aggie comforting Helen.)
Somebody get me through this nightmare (Charlotte stops as she sees herself, punching Katy’s box)
I can't control myself! (The other Charlotte stares back at her accusingly, throwing it with a scream)

Charlotte’s expression frantic, she ducks into the bathroom, and slams her fists on the counter.

So what if you can see the darkest side of me (She screams at her reflection in the mirror)
No one will ever change this animal I have become! (Slaps her Hands on the mirror forcefully)
Help me believe it's not the real me (Tears streaming down her face, her reflection facing the camera)
Somebody help me tame this animal! (She grips her cross until her hand bleed)
This animal, this animal (She hits the mirror again and breaks it, and everything goes dark)

The darkness is partially lifted by a dim light, A silhouetted Charlotte singing into a microphone.

I can't escape myself
So many times I've lied

But there's still rage inside (Her tears glisten in the dark and trail down her cheeks)
Somebody get me through this nightmare(Tharqa turns on the lights and Charlotte faces her)
I can't control myself! (She’s laughing and crying at the same time, her expression grotesque and pained)

The scene abruptly shifts back to the hallway as hands grab her shoulders, Sara slamming her into the lockers.

So what if you can see the darkest side of me (Sara screams at her)
No one will ever change this animal I have become(Charlotte, still crying, screaming)
Help me believe it's not the real me(Her expression is pleading, Sara in shock)
Somebody help me tame this animal I have become(Sara is pulled back by Penny)
Help me believe it's not the real me(Aggie screams as her as she limps away)
Somebody help me tame this animal(Charlotte looks ashamed, holding her hand to her face)

The scene switches, Charlotte lying in her bed on her side, which appears to be just a pallet and sheets. She manages to look both miserable and lovesick at the same time.

Somebody help me through this nightmare (Beside her is a pen and a familiar looking card with hearts)
I can't control myself(She hugs her pillow)
Somebody wake me from this nightmare(She huddles more into the sheets)
I can't escape this hell (Closes her eyes as she sings the last and falls asleep fitfully)

The scene switches to a dreamlike desert at nighttime, Charlotte walking through it tiredly, hugging herself and shivering. The chorus chants in the background like accusing whispers.

This animal, this animal (She puts her hand over her ears)
This animal, this animal(She looks up at the beautiful night sky)
This animal, this animal (She imagines Duane’s face among them)
This animal (her expression grows pained)

She screams up at him, tears glistening in the darkness

So what if you can see the darkest side of me
No one will ever change this animal I have become!

The scene abruptly changes and he is actually standing there, his hand on her shoulder and looking at her. Charlotte flinches at his touch but her eyes beg him to stay.

Help me believe it's not the real me (He smiles warmly and nods)
Somebody help me tame this animal I have become (She grabs him by the shoulder desperately…)
Help me believe it's not the real me (He vanishes as she touches him)
Somebody help me tame this animal! (Her hand slowly drops, clenches into a fist at her side)

She drops her head and walks toward the camera, eyes closed as everything fades around her, the music rising in fury. With each hard guitar riff, an image of Cyndi’s beating flashes across the screen: The first strike. Cyndi’s terror. The Stick rising and falling repeatedly. Finally Charlotte’s face, her expression almost demonic in its rage.

This animal I have become! (It begins to rain around her)

She wipes her eyes with her fist, her expression hardening as the song winds down …the camera panning back to show her now walking outside with an umbrella in one hand and a knife in the other, walking to the shed in her back yard and opening the door to reveal Cindy in the wheelchair as lightning soundlessly flashes, and closing it behind her. The camera fading to black at the song’s end.
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Postby RaiDa » Mon Dec 06, 2010 10:02 pm

that was a wonderful read..

thanks for posting it..

enjoy reading it...

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Postby retrophrenologist » Mon Dec 06, 2010 10:04 pm

Even spambots love songfiction!
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