Anytime Now Mech-Tech! (2/13/12)

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Anytime Now Mech-Tech! (2/13/12)

Postby brasca » Mon Feb 13, 2012 1:47 am

Ult doesn't say it, but I know he's thinking it and it's just a better title than Whoosh IMHO.

Well looks like the catastrophe of the future keeps rolling along. I'm not sure how Hyperman got away, but he knocked Jared down in the process and now knows what to destroy. Like I said in the title, anytime now Mech-Tech! She seems complete again or maybe it's post coital afterglow so I don't know what she's waiting around to do. Tim got Julia, Zaha, and Charlotte out of the base, but it looks like Ally is headed in the opposite direction. Even if they should meet I don't know if she can convinced not to go inside. Then again if all she wants to do is teleport to stop Rumy she might not. I'm not sure if they got out via secret passage or they have one teleporter amongst their ranks (I'm really dying to know who their Dirty Paranormal Dozen consists of). If there isn't one then she might be determined to get Feddyg to help her who I'm sure plenty of people will be dismayed to know is still alive and well, but incarcerated for the time being.
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