I'll Keep Working On It (9/30/11)

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I'll Keep Working On It (9/30/11)

Postby brasca » Thu Sep 29, 2011 9:52 pm

Well Rikk's only got one option since Keith doesn't know how to cure him and would only pretend to get free and body swapping won't work due to a special immunity. Animal's blood is the only option, but I still think that obtaining it might lead to the nightmare future they wish to avoid.
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Re: I'll Keep Working On It (9/30/11)

Postby bunnyThor » Thu Sep 29, 2011 10:04 pm

It would be nice if future-Guth added a footnote about it in Guth and Di's balls.
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Re: I'll Keep Working On It (9/30/11)

Postby TappingtheLine » Sat Oct 01, 2011 10:50 pm

Speaking of which, we haven't seen anything about that since Guth handed Shanna his balls.
TCampbell wrote:Not that they're not lovable, but that conversation isn't really between Di and her own breasts.
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