P&A has gotten painful

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Re: P&A has gotten painful

Postby Freemage » Sat Jan 20, 2007 3:40 am

I agreed with a fair bit of what you said, BossMuro, but....

BossMuro wrote:
Sun Tzu wrote:Helen, after we cheered for her apparently growing a backbone and standing up to Charlotte, has now done a 180 and turned into a Karen collaborator.

What? All she did was overhear a conversation. Just because she didn't run away or plug her ears and yell "LALALALALALA!" the moment Sara and Katy-Ann started talking doesn't make her some kind of slavish spy for Karen. Sure, she'll probably start telling people, but do you really think her first thought upon hearing Sara talk was: "If I tell people, then I'll be popular!!"

Actually, yeah. Or at least, "If I tell Karen, she'll invite me to more sleepovers."

Sun Tzu wrote:Even Aggie is turning into a mean, self-righteous bully.

Yeah, she shook up a soda then didn't feel bad about it. She's worse then Hitler. Then she took a cheap shot at Penny's clothes because she was stressed out. That's like...DOUBLE Hitler!

Nah, Penny's worse than Hitler. Aggie's worse than DEATH CAMPS.
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Re: P&A has gotten painful

Postby oddtail » Sat Jan 20, 2007 11:37 am

BossMuro wrote:Then she took a cheap shot at Penny's clothes because she was stressed out. That's like...DOUBLE Hitler!

Double Hitler? Sounds like a final boss in a videogame, doesn't it.

I mean, c'mon, Hitler *was* the final boss in Wolfenstein... so Double Hitler would be called for in the sequel.

[/silly and borderline nonsensical]
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Postby daanton » Sat Jan 20, 2007 2:43 pm

Cheap shots beget cheap shots.
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