Re-read week 84: 20 2020 Pennies 6 - 11

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Re: Re-read week 84: 20 2020 Pennies 6 - 11

Postby TCampbell » Thu May 15, 2014 11:19 am

(Okay, I edited my post above this one while you were writing yours, which feels like not really playing fair, so here's a little concession and my last thoughts on it.)

"Willing to err on the side of passion even if everything about it screams mistake" is something I'd pretty much agree with, although I'd have to say "almost everything." Passion itself is something. And there is the fact that a near-death experience really does change a person and makes certain relations possible that were once impossible. I've seen it happen. Penny and Rich have been determined not to repeat their past problems-- and FWIW, I think they didn't. Penny was far less interested in domesticating Rich, neither let the opinions of friends weigh on them, and even Rich's stubborn pride and "image" was far less of a factor. He could hardly be concerned about how his day-to-day life with Penny looked to his old friends when they weren't in any position to see that life. Sure, Rich and Penny didn't go long before they found exciting new problems to have, but still.

I think that's really where we're getting hung up. You seem to say that it's 100.00% certain that Penny's gamble will fail. But that's the whole idea of bringing in 20 Pennies to represent the possibilities. Sometimes it's worth rolling the dice. And yes, that's partly because of the long-term growth opportunities that come from a short-term disaster, but rolling the dice doesn't mean thinking "I'll do this stupid thing to learn from it even though failure is guaranteed." She's got to decide that success is possible and worth fighting for. Otherwise she's just going through the motions, and-- fallibility of the author aside-- I have a really hard time seeing that as what this story is about.
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Re: Re-read week 84: 20 2020 Pennies 6 - 11

Postby Artemisia » Thu May 15, 2014 11:29 am

Mr. Campbell,

I certainly have no issue with you wanting to weigh in on our discussions whenever you so feel like it.


I think the issue here is that some of us are looking at the situation from a knowledge of what does happen- which is that Penny and Rich's relationship fails. If, however, we look at it without that knowledge, Penny does not know what the outcome is going to be and this whole arc deals with all the potential possibilities that could happen no matter how impossible they might seem. Penny seems to admit that there is a low chance that she stays with Rich (3 in 20) but also seems to understand that the alternative to not at least going is something that will upset her future even more.

That is what I see...and as I tend to say, this is how I would have seen things had I joined the conversation back when this first was issued.
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Re: Re-read week 84: 20 2020 Pennies 6 - 11

Postby timemonkey » Thu May 15, 2014 12:30 pm

I'm actually really glad you're chiming in T. Knowing the actual motivations behind the actions is always great. Sometimes I come across as too 'this is my opinion so it's fact' when I don't mean to.

To me the whole reunion between Penny and Rich seemed soley because of the near death scare, not anything genuine so as the panic faded away I assumed the relationship would die as it wasn't built on anything solid. Naturally I let this colour my view of Penny's motivations and forgot to factor that passion into her decision making process.
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