Re-read week 80: Awakening 9 - 14

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Re: Re-read week 80: Awakening 9 - 14

Postby Adrishiana » Sun Apr 20, 2014 5:16 pm

If I remember correctly, a part of Aggie's dislike stemmed from feeling, essentially, that Penny wasn't doing the right things with her popularity and charisma (i.e., what Aggie thought she should be doing).

I'm trying to remember if Aggie ever actually suggested doing things to help others or was just punishing her for not deciding to of her own accord.
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Re: Re-read week 80: Awakening 9 - 14

Postby brasca » Sun Apr 20, 2014 5:23 pm

timemonkey wrote:Aggie didn't resent her popularity, she misunderstood Penny's behaviour and believed she was a bully, and then misunderstood what her parents had taught her and set out to punish her in the name of the victimised.

She resented the way she misused her popularity instead of leading by example in such a way that other students would imitate her as well as the other misconceptions you mentioned, but Aggie at least had a reason for hating her even if she was ultimately wrong.

I do think there are consequences for being the queen bee even if she wasn't really a mean girl. Penny did carry herself with an air of superiority that undoubtedly caused friction. Moreover, it is possible to get drunk with power even if friends like Sara to keep her grounded. Perhaps at one point Penny criticized some outfit that Daphne put together. Now under different circumstances she might take this as criticism from a peer, but Penny wasn't a peer, she was the queen bee and her words carried a lot more weight. Over time she probably imagined a few other indictments too.
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Re: Re-read week 80: Awakening 9 - 14

Postby LadyObvious23 » Sun Apr 20, 2014 6:58 pm

She's not the type to do so. At all. :/ Penny's got more self control/does listen to her conscious. Karen really has none of that and is somewhat of a natural asshat.
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