Re-read week 79: Awakening 3 - 8

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Re: Re-read week 79: Awakening 3 - 8

Postby timemonkey » Thu Apr 10, 2014 8:39 am

Adrishiana wrote:#5: This is a bit forced. Once Sara takes a dislike to someone, she tends to dislike them for a while (see: Rich, though that did eventually change), and while she didn't precisely take a dislike to Lisa, I find it odd that she'd go back to the person who thought it was appropriate to out her in public (which, if someone didn't catch it last time, is inappropriate and also completely GROSS and also not funny at all; it's a great way to out yourself as a terrible person though!) and give her a chance to pull more shit. In a semi-public venue, at that. Eventually this will lead to us being supposed to believe that Lisa and Sara are close enough friends for Sara to ask Lisa to be her roomie, and, well, it never quite catches.

While this is not quite the first step down Lisa's road to being not much more than a combination of deus ex machina, Mary Sue, and Super Special Sparkle Snowflake Princess, Duchess of More Special Than You, she's definitely looking at the signpost here.


Lisa didn't try to out her in public, nothing she did would have been noticed by anyone, and in fact wasn't noticed by anyone, until Sarah started screaming about being 'kiss raped'. The only one who would have understood Lisa's gestures are Lisa and Sarah (or at least Sarah understanding them was the goal), it was all a passive aggressive manipulation to get Sarah to stop projecting and accept it was her who was gay.
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