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Re: Re-read week 76: The First Man I Ever Loved Part 2 5 - B

Postby timemonkey » Tue Mar 18, 2014 12:10 am

I still don't get why she had to use him as her be all end all test. I don't remember them ever even speaking, I can barely remember scenes where they could have theoretically interacted but now it's if she's not into him then she's a big lesbian. T was always all 'Show don't Tell' but this was pure Tell and no Show.
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Re: Re-read week 76: The First Man I Ever Loved Part 2 5 - B

Postby brasca » Tue Mar 18, 2014 6:01 am

Alice Macher wrote:Poor preteen Helen. Didn't seem to understand that, especially for kids and teenagers, it's quite common to discover you like someone whom you'd disliked, even hated, just a short time before. And as we see from this Something Positive comic, even as a teenager she still didn't get how that works.

I'll say this much for her, though: in calling Penny Aggie's "darling," she was more prescient about those two than she realized. (Note the strip's date: this would've been in the winter of junior year, when P & A were close friends but not yet dating.)

I thought that look on her face in the last strip was a sad realization that she'd end up dating someone like her father.

Considering Helen's position her confusion is understandable. It would be one thing if she went from being liked to hated to liked again, but it never seemed to vacillate with her. It's not like Penny invited her back into her circle and Charlotte certainly didn't. From her perspective once you are out you are out which might be why she never tried to ask forgiveness or reconcile until years later.

As for prescience about Penny and Aggie I think it's purely coincidental. Remember when she overheard Sara's theory about those two and it cartoonishly blew her mind? She then relayed that information to Cyndi who relayed it to Karen. In all that time I'm not sure if Helen ever believed it, but thought it was something so unbelievable she had to tell someone. I wonder what her reaction was if she ever got in touch with someone from high school before the reunion. Of course a few years of living in Something Positive's Boston would probably make Bellville's drama all the more ho-hum.

Regarding the lively discussion about Stan I agree that youth accounts for a lot of his shortcomings and in this case he's angry with himself. Richie gets stabbed and he the big schemer just stands there helpless while Jack leaps into action.
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