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Re: Re-read week 46: Names: A Study Primer 7 - Second Looks

Postby oddtail » Tue Aug 27, 2013 2:16 am

LadyObvious23 wrote:It was dickish,unneeded and uncalled for. She's just singing. SINGING. Not an open invitation for Lisa to be bitchy at her for singing anything about her faith. How is this not easy for peeps to get?

Lisa just commented. COMMENTED. Not a terrible insult or anything particularly hateful or, the way I see it, particularly bitchy. How is this not easy for peeps to get?

And more seriously, I agree (as I said before) that perhaps Lisa was a little too forward and possibly not excessively polite, but I hardly understand why it's supposedly that bad.

And for the record, I do think it's somewhat personal-spacey-invadey if someone sings out loud in a public space. Compare, for a good analogy, the reaction people would have if a person listened to radio with volume turned up. Now, replace the radio with the person singing.

I'm not even particularly concerned with K-A's singing, but as I've said before, she does something that invites attention. I get the feeling if Lisa said "wow, I love this song" or commented on something she LIKES, no-one would be particularly keen to condemn her. And I don't see why negative comments are essentially different from positive comments in this scenario. The only thing Lisa kinda-sorta does wrong, in my book, is that she talks to a person who doesn't necessarily want to talk to her, but she's done it before and oh boy, did she do that a lot LATER in the comic.

But - and, again, I've said that before - here she actually has something to say that required actual use of her brain, rather than random catchphrases.

I'm not 100% with Lisa here, but I honestly don't see what's so bitchy about a comment like that.

By the way, you repeated the "if you're offended" argument, despite the fact that I noted it was not necessarily (nor did it need to be) about Lisa, or anyone, being offended. Seeing as my post was the only one before yours, I can't help but notice that you're responding to something I never actually said. Heck, my post was actually mostly me explicitly saying it's not about it being offensive or anything.

EDIT: plus, how Lisa telling K-A "stop singing" without any rationale, context or other interaction would NOT be bitchy? Heck, it would paint Lisa as someone who thinks they can make demands of others. Again, I'm probably an alien from beyond the Solar system, but if I for some strange reason started singing, I'd much prefer a "I don't like the message of this song" or even a "that's dumb" to "shut up". But admittedly, that's probably just me.
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