[OT] Why Are You Gay?

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[OT] Why Are You Gay?

Postby Evil Ben » Mon Jul 22, 2013 11:08 am

One theory about homosexuality is that it comes from a gene or genes on the X chromosome.
Another theory is that the unborn child is exposed to abnormal levels of testosterone for the child's genetic sex.
So, in a [theoretical] sense, you are gay because your mom made you that way, whether she wanted to or not.

Just some ammo for those of you that haven't told your parents yet. you know, in case your mom flips out.

Also, about 95% of the population is heterosexual. This percentage does NOT change if a child is raised by homosexual parents.
About 3.4% is homosexual, with the rest about evenly split between bisexual and asexual.

My reference for this is my PSY202 class book. Anyone want the actual reference chirp in. You have to say "chirp" for me though.
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