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Re: Drawiiiiings~

Postby mikbuster » Mon Mar 24, 2014 12:55 am

Thought I'd include a story again, since I won't be posting it anywhere other than the pixietrix forum, probably.
Warning: May contain craziness. Author not responsible if you become crazy as a result of reading.
“Spike! Get away from my house! You’ll break it.” The poor weasel scurried away as quickly as he could at the girl’s shouts. The little girl ran over to make sure everything was still in its place. The little table, chairs, people, and everything else seemed to be just where she had left it. Spike was such a little rascal, always getting into everything.

“Sasha! Are you ready yet?” came a woman’s voice from downstairs.

“Almost mom!” Sasha ran to the corner and started to strap on her shoes. “I’ll be down in a minute!” Then she lowered her voice, seeming to whisper to nowhere, “Don’t worry Simon. We’re just going to grandma’s house. I’ll be fine. We can talk all about it when I get home later tonight, okay?” She started running out the door, barely pausing to close it, before running down the stairs and shouting, “Coming mom!”

She bounded down the steps taking two, and three at a time. Her mother always had that upside down smile when she did that, but how could you not do it that way? She found that this time was no exception, but instead of complaining about it, her mother just held out her little yellow jacket for her to put on. “Come on, hurry up. We don’t want to be late to your grandmother’s birthday party.”

The drive over was boring. All she could do was stare out her window and see the same things she’d seen every other time. At least a birthday meant cake and cake is good, unless it’s that angel stuff.

When they finally arrived across town, they all got out of the car and she had to wait behind her parents while they rang the bell. Sasha just kind of swayed in place looking off into the bushes. They whispered to her about everything they’d seen, but she knew she couldn’t talk to them without being yelled at. At least not right now, so she just waved as the door opened to admit the trio.

The first thing was always her grandma grabbing her for a big hug and a kiss. She just wished that she had a choice in it though. The best part of the greeting ritual was coming now though. Candy. She tore off the wrapping and put the chocolate in her mouth just savoring it. Letting it melt slowly while they were led into the kitchen to sit and talk and wait for everyone else to get there.

As a few of her cousins arrived with their parents, and she watched the ritual repeated a few times, dinner was finally being served. Of course she had to actually eat dinner before dessert. She couldn’t do the just eat one little thing trick she tried last year. Oh well, there was good food there anyway. Then there was cake, and ice cream.

Of course after that she could go outside and play. Hide and seek was always fun. She could always find her cousins pretty quickly, but then they never asked the trees to keep their secret, and it was just nice to be outside and playing. Today, though, after a few games, the adults seemed upset about something. She couldn’t see her dad up there, but she just knew somehow that it was about him. So she ran up the short hill behind the house and back inside to find out for sure what was going on.

Her mother immediately grabbed her arm and pulled her out to the car. She was told on the, faster than usual, drive home that her dad had walked to the store for something and hadn’t gotten back yet. He definitely wasn’t at home, but her mom was staying on the phone talking so she was free to go up to her room and try to make sense of everything.

“Simon. Dad’s missing. How do we find him?” she cried. “Really? You can? Come on!” With that she was running back down the stairs, not even bothering with the door this time, and jumping even more steps at a time, although she slipped down a few stairs too. As soon as she was outside she climbed on top of Simon and they ran off into the night.

Simon was busy sniffing the air and following some invisible trail, while Sasha was busying talking about things like clouds, how much she loved Simon, and how pretty her dress was, among other things. Eventually he got to a building with the doors open and peered in.

“Really? Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.” She jumped down and ran into the building. As she ran up the stairs she was shouting, “Daddy!” Jumping into his arms she gave him a huge hug.

“Honey. How did you get here? Where is your mother?”

“She was talking on the phone. I think she was worried about you. Can we go home now?”

“I’ve been trying, but I can’t seem to find the way.”

“Don’t worry. We’ll get there this time.” She smiled, pulling him by the hand back outside and they followed Simon back home.

After taking him to the doctor later that night, they were saying something about a stroke. They were also saying something about hallucinations involving a giant shadow looking at him. She wasn’t sure what that was, but she didn’t really think Simon was one of those. At least he was going to be okay though, and after the crying and the yelling they were calling her a hero. She kept trying to tell them that Simon was the one that found him, but they seemed to think she was making up some boy to avoid the attention, but she and Simon knew who was the real hero, and that was what was important.
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Re: Drawiiiiings~

Postby thebitterfig » Wed Jun 18, 2014 5:56 pm

More unpinked! Perhaps not as meticulous as my last picture (Barbie on Marse), but I figured I'd do a few a few options, since we've got a rainbow of colors and might as well use them. The original pink isn't actually that bad. It's dark enough that it isn't exactly plastic. A moderately bright, azure blue. A camel, which probably doesn't work perfectly with Barbie's particular skin tone, but I like the idea of a tan. Lastly, a purple-gray, which I went with since purple is still a common barbie tone, but I think the specifics of this are just a bit more grown-up.

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