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Re: Off-topic: Happy things

Postby Captain LeBubbles » Sat Mar 18, 2017 8:12 pm

Valerie wrote:
Captain LeBubbles wrote:
Valerie wrote:
Lia S wrote:Awesome, Val!

I am very close to 34 now, and have no permit <.<

Hey, it's okay. I'm almost 27. Hell, my great aunt doesn't have a license. I don't think she ever has.

Wait you're younger than me? I could have sworn you were older.

I could've sworn you were younger than me. o_o You just have that youthful spirit, I guess. Fire in your belly and all that.

I was twenty-three when I started my account, according to that timestamp, and I turned twenty-four right before I left the forum. I guess you always seemed so much like the Big Sis Friend for everyone that I assumed you were older than me. (And I've always felt that my maturity was a bit stunted in general, so any adult who is even slightly adultier than me seems older.)

Also thanks for the identity support, guys~ If anyone is curious as to the specifics, I'm currently going with homoflexible trans man, which is close enough to how I feel about my gender/attraction and expresses what I need it to.

Congrats on the new job, Svenman! -confetti-
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Hexr wrote:Also, while you are all awesome people, I would like to applaud Captain Awesome LeBubbles. Sir, you're awesome, sir!

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Re: Off-topic: Happy things

Postby Lia S » Sun Mar 19, 2017 6:00 am


Yay! Congratulations on the job!


Hi Theo ^^

I’m glad you’re finding yourself!


I guess I’ll give a little update on my identity too.

My name is Tanja or Misha, depending on where I am - mostly it’s Tanja for people who don’t understand gender beyond the binary and with who I am fine with them thinking of me as a woman because trying to explain more will unavoidably make them consider me partially male which I am not.

My gender is genderfluid between woman and maverique. My spiritual side feels more woman, and my physical world side feels more maverique. It’s complicated.

My romantic orientation is, uh.... Panromantic? Nocismaromantic? Aromantic? Hyperromantic? What is romantic attraction? Is it thinking someone is so awesome that having a relationship with them would be so neat you get kind of obsessed with the idea? Is it trusting someone enough that I let them close enough to touch my heart? I DON'T KNOW. I do know I don’t want to date cis men but that’s a privilege thing and wouldn't be an attraction thing if the ideas of masculinity that pretty much everyone cis has weren’t such a turnoff.

My sexual orientation is pan(?) and incisexual, which basically means I can only feel attraction when people are acting very obviously sexual at me. Yes, the Misha who defined that thing is me. Yay me for understanding myself and even helping other people by defining a concept and defining a word!

I’m also polyamorous. I mean, obviously.
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Re: Off-topic: Happy things

Postby Valerie » Mon Mar 20, 2017 11:58 pm

So, to be clear, you prefer Misha over Tanja? And do you still like female pronouns or do you prefer they/them pronouns or something else?
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As usual.

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Re: Off-topic: Happy things

Postby Lia S » Tue Mar 21, 2017 2:55 am

Most people online call me Misha now, and I think I prefer that, yes.

My pronouns won’t settle because of the gender fluidity. Some of the time they are she/her, and some of the time they are e/em/eir (one of the variants of Spivak pronouns). When they change, the other set feels wrong. It’s a little inconvenient but at least they don’t change every day. They’re she/her at the moment, by the way ^^

I usually don’t mind people picking one of those two sets for me at random, and will say when the fluidity has swung so far to one side that I do.
Artemisia: if we cannot sympathize or understand then all we claim to be as human beings is just marsh gas
Valerie: Lia knows how to turn that frown upside-down. :D
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