The Annoyingly Amazing Lisa: Thunderbolt Trickster! [fic]

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Postby Pink Freud » Tue Mar 29, 2011 10:38 pm

Look down, now look up. This rocks.
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Postby sun tzu » Wed Mar 30, 2011 5:53 am

:lol: :lol: :lol:
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Postby Louisa » Wed Mar 30, 2011 6:35 am

I get excited whenever I see an update notification on this thread. And Alice, you never disappoint.
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Postby Cerky » Wed Mar 30, 2011 3:11 pm

Oh god yes! Old Spice Guy jokes yes!! *washes hair*

Whoops, got carried away there.

Enjoying seeing where this is going :lol:
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Postby Alice Macher » Sat Jun 18, 2011 3:31 pm


Part Six: ドゥバル

Lisa, Penny and Aggie, about to depart for England in order to track down the magically vanished Karen, faced an unforeseen problem. As an apparent consequence of the Northampton Magus's dark magic spell, they could no longer say or write her name.

"No prob," said the Thunderbolt Trickster, casually picking up between her tiny toes a tarot card that had fallen on her bedroom floor and examining it. "Huh. Trump one, the Magician. Bit on the nose, isn't it?" Taking it in her hand, she placed it on her desk so she'd remember to put it back in the appropriate deck. "Anyway. I guess it's time to call in my newest colleague for help."

"Penny, Aggie," said Lisa ten minutes later, "I'd like you to meet the local language specialist of the super-powered individual community."

"Lis," said Penny, "pretty sure we've met him already. Hey, Duane."

"Hey, Penny. Hi, Aggie. And yes, you may know me as mild-mannered Duane Teague, but you haven't yet made my acquaintance as...the Alphabet Avenger! Watch me now: Aleph! 'Alif! Alpha!"

At these words, Duane transmuted into a spinning funnel of multicoloured letter As, and reconsituted himself in a sky-blue spandex leotard with "AA," in large red Blackletter, on his chest.

"Astounding," said Aggie.

"Agreed," said Penny, wondering how things might've gone if he'd shown this side of himself back in sophomore year, then dismissing that thought.

"Aye," said Duane. "Always alert for alphabet-related alarums."

"How--?" said Aggie. "When did you--?"

Duane grinned. "Last summer, during the literacy bus tour, we made a stopover in Cambridge, Massachusetts, so during my spare time I used my dad's academic connections to get researcher access to Harvard's Widener Library. You know, for fun. While perusing their manuscript collection on microfilm, I came across a fascinating illuminated grimoire from sixteenth-century England and my eyes fell upon a spell for 'Maſterie of alle Alphabets & theyr inner Myſteries.' I transcribed the whole passage in my notebook, took it back to my room at the church hostel, and recited the spell in my best Elizabethan accent. Everything went blurry, and the next thing I knew, I was dressed in this audacious apparel you see me wearing, and possessed of a mystical connection to Alfabetael, the angel of language (alphabetical and otherwise).

"I promised in God's name to use this connection only for the good of humankind, and ever since, whenever crimes need solving through language--for example, terrorist cyphers and such--all I need do is say the magic words, and as the Alphabet Avenger I am in touch with Alfabetael's wisdom. Amen."

"Cool," said Aggie. "So, I take it when Lisa phoned you she told you about the snag with our latest case?"

"Affirmative. Yeah, it's kind of hard to go looking for someone when you can neither say, nor write, nor otherwise communicate her name. So. A moment's silence, please, while I commune with the angel."

Duane shut his eyes, and soon his friends could see golden letter As, Alephs, 'Alifs and Alphas circumnavigating his head. After a few moments, these disappeared, and he opened his eyes. "All right. Alfabetael says that the Northampton Magus's spell extends to all languages with alphabets, since as one trained in Western ceremonial magic, he knows the power of Latin, Greek, Hebrew and Aramaic. But it seems that non-alphabetic languages aren't covered by the spell. So when we need to speak or write Krn's--uh, the name of the person we're trying to rescue, we should use the closest equivalent to her last name in katakana, the syllabary for transcribing foreign words into Japanese: ドゥバル [pronounced "Dubaru" -- Ed.]."

Lisa, Penny and Aggie repeated this after Duane, and he showed them how to write it in katakana script.

"What about K... Kr... her first name?" said Lisa.

"That won't work," said Duane, "because Japanese has the equivalent sounds for her first name, including the final consonant 'n.' We might be able to write it, but we can't say it as long as the spell's in effect. Her last name works because Japanese has no 'v' or 'l' sounds, so the katakana has to substitute 'b' and 'r,' and also add a 'u' at the--Penny! Are you following this?"

"Mrrmph," said Penny, eyes shut, head nodding. "Aggie, thas too cold, the whipcream's too--Uh!" Her eyes opened and her head jutted upward. Not registering Aggie's face having turned deep red, nor Lisa elbowing Aggie with a smirk, she apologized to Duane for nodding off. "It's all very interesting, this...katana stuff--"

"That's 'katakana,' Pen," said Duane, smiling.

"Whatever. But anyway, I gotta go. We're leaving for England in two days, so there's outfits to select and packing to be done."

"Don't go overboard with the hawt--er, haute couture, there, Candice Swanepoel," said Lisa, having secretly hung around Stan long enough to forget momentarily that Penny hated being called blonde celebrity names. "Er. Sorry. The point is that this isn't a vacation, and we're headed to Northampton, not London, so opportunities for 'being seen' and making stupid duckface poses at clubs will be--"

"Yeah yeah, I get it," said Penny, rolling her eyes. "C'mon, Aggiru, or whatever your karate name is," she said, taking Aggie's hand. "I'll drive you home."

Across the ocean, in a dusty, delapidated flat, a man with long, dark hair and beard, clad in a black hooded robe, sat observing our heroes through a deep blue bowl filled with oil and water. "So, Glucon," he said to his snake familiar, "These Yank birds think they've got one on old Alvin Swamp, do they? Well, they've not 'alf the power I 'ave. As they'll find out when they come their peril. Oh bugger, I spilled oil on me robe again."

Next: And did those feet in ancient time
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Re: The Annoyingly Amazing Lisa: Thunderbolt Trickster! [fic

Postby Kamino Neko » Sat Jun 18, 2011 3:50 pm

Yay, you rescued them from limbo!
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Re: The Annoyingly Amazing Lisa: Thunderbolt Trickster! [fic

Postby Pink Freud » Sat Jun 18, 2011 10:22 pm

Now I wanna know what my katana name is.
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Re: The Annoyingly Amazing Lisa: Thunderbolt Trickster! [fic

Postby Alice Macher » Tue Aug 09, 2011 3:31 pm


Part Seven: ...Ye Who Enter Here

Three days later. Abington District, Northampton, England.

They had returned to the council housing flat twice that day, having knocked three times each visit, and there was still no answer.

"You're sure this is the right address," said Penny.

"For the over nine thousandth time, yes," said Lisa. "Between my spells of finding, the readings from my geomantic lodestone here, and the corroboration we got from Alan Moore in exchange for listening quietly to a three-hour rant on the evils of Hollywood and the comics industry, I'm sure this is where Alvin Swamp, the Northampton Magus, lives."

"Well, he hasn't answered the door all day," said Aggie. "And from what Moore and the chain-smoking guy in that smelly trenchcoat--Tom Constantinople or something--told you, he's something of a recluse. So if he earns a living, it's not outside the home. And he probably hasn't been 'down the pub' all day with his 'mates' either." She thought for a moment. "Normally, I'm in favour of obeying the law, despite what Penny with her 'Aggie Hoffman' cracks would have you believe. But as a super-powered individual, you already kind of operate outside the law." She shifted her weight from foot to foot. "And we're trying to bring back a missing person, preferably alive and in one piece. So...maybe you could try--"

"Breaking in? Sure, I could totes try it. And if this were a run-of-the-mill kidnapper, all pathetic and helpless in his wife-beater, stained boxers and black socks, it'd be a cinch for me. But pretty sure Swamp Thing here, being a sorceror, has protected his home with all sorts of magical wards and possibly green ectoplasmic soul-eatey things. All of which I might not be able to fight off at once. And I don't want to risk my sidekicks and best buds going all mad or dead from things going all OM NOM NOM on your souls."

"That's...good of you," said Penny, squeezing Aggie's arm. Aggie nodded and squeezed back.

"U scared?" Her friends nodded. "Good. That means you're both sane and sensible. Comes in handy for a job like this." She hugged them and resumed staring at the door. "In any case, the last few days while doing magic, I've had a strong feeling that I'm being watched. I think Mr. Swamp Gas may be expecting us."

"Too bloody right I am," said a dark-haired, long-bearded figure who materialized on the landing, clad in a hooded black robe and carrying a staff with the Eye of Horus on top.

"Yipe!" said Penny and Aggie.

Lisa did her best to swallow unobtrusively before speaking. "Do I address his augustness, the Northampton Magus, holder of the 10=1 degree in both the Hermetically Sealed Order of the Silver Sunrise and its rival tradition, the Hermit Crab Order of the Diamond Daybreak?"

"You've done yer 'omework, miss. And 'oo might you be?"

"I am the Thunderbolt Trickster."

"Are you now." The figure chuckled under the shadow of his hood. "Doesn't sound like a rank in any order I've 'eard tell of."

"Isn't. I'm a super-powered individual, member of the Association of Super-Powered Individuals. And I really wish they'd change the name, because I'm getting hella sick of the jokes about our acronym. Anyway. We're here to bring back a classmate of ours, whom we have reason to believe is...with you."

"I see," said the figure, half-smiling. "Right then, you'd better come in."

With that, the figure faded from sight and the door opened wide.

"Come on," said the Magus's voice. "Don't stand there gawking like you've never seen an astral projection before. 'Aven't got all bleedin' day."

Inside the dark, almost opium-den like flat, Swamp sat on an armchair that looked like it hadn't seen a feather duster since just after the Blitz, while Lisa and Aggie sat on stools that looked and felt as though the Blitz would've made them better. Penny opted to squat.

"So," said the Magus. "If I were 'arbouring this girl you say I am...what would 'er name be, then?"

"Last name of ドゥバル (Dubaru)," said Lisa, "if you substitute a 'v' for the 'b,' a double-'l' for the 'r,' and lose the final 'u.'"

Swamp broke into a half-smile and nodded. "Japanese, ey? A clever workaround for my concealing spell. I'm impressed. Might as well undo it now." He chanted the Hebrew phrase קרן קימת (keren kayemet) three times. "So, this Karen...she a friend of yours?"

"Not a 'friend' as such," said Aggie, who saw no reason to lie one way or exaggerate the other.

The Magus grinned. "A, what d'ye young pups call it these days, 'friend with benefits?' Or per'aps...a lover?"

Lisa stiffened. Penny's eyes blazed. She was about to lay into her questioner when Aggie laid a hand on her arm. "...No. No, just a classmate," said Lisa.

Swamp leaned his chin onto his clasped hands. "I sense that you three don't fancy this bint much. Why d'ye want 'er back, exactly?"

"Whether we like her or not is irrelevant," said Aggie. "What is relevant is that it's simply wrong to abduct someone, magically or otherwise, and to set up obstacles to her being found. Regardless of whether that person is a saint, a demon, or somewhere in between. And if I may ask, what did Karen do to you, anyway? She came to you for help."

"That, and she also 'appened to mention a type of water fowl, after she'd been warned not to do so in my presence by the girl 'oo referred her."

Lisa raised an eyebrow. "And that's bad because--?"

Swamp's face darkened. "I do not like that type of water fowl."

"So--what, you gonna kill her?" said Penny.

"Pe--" said Aggie, but Lisa cut her off with "No, that's a fair question. Over to you, Magus."

"I 'ave no such plan, no. She can't do any 'arm, where I've got 'er."

"You're not...torturing her?" said Aggie.

"No need for that. She's quite safe and sound where she is. Per'aps a bit bored, but I don't think boredom's covered in the Geneva Convention." He grinned once again.

"Okay then," said Lisa. "No death, no waterboarding, no white-hot demonspawn shoved under her toenails, check. So here's what I figure, Magus. By now Karen's probably learned her lesson. If you let her go back with us, alive and unharmed, you never have to see her again and we never have to bother you again."

"And if I don't?"

Lisa fixed her eyes on him. No fear. No fear. "Then it's Magical Showdownatron of Ultimate Destiny 2011. You and me."

The Magus chuckled. "You can't be serious."

"I am SRS--er, serious. Those of us who fight crime, whether cops, field intel or super-powered individuals, are willing to take on the risk to themselves, for the chance to save the innoc--to save others."

"As are their sidekicks," said Penny.

"Both of them," said Aggie.

"I see." Swamp stroked his snake familiar, Glucon. "Well, you're brave girls, and no mistake. Also bloody naïve, but the bravery bit is admirable. Be that as it may, you're in luck. See, me arthritis 'as been acting up, so I don't quite fancy a magical battle right now, even the quick one it'd be, surely."

Lisa couldn't resist. "Don't call me Shirley."

"What? --Never mind. Right, so 'ere's the deal." He stood, wiggled his fingers in a complex pattern at the air in front of him and intoned some Aramaic words, whereupon a dimensional portal opened, with magical seals in blue flame along the border. "Yer bint's through 'ere. If you can manage to retrieve 'er, you can take 'er 'ome with you. If not, she stays where she is."

Lisa nodded, cracked her knuckles and started toward the portal. Noticing Penny and Aggie get up and head that way as well, she turned and blocked them. "Nuh-uh. Sry, but we don't know what kinda weird mojo is in there, and neither of you has any magical training nor, far as I know, much in the way of magical gifts. This one's on me."

"But--" said her sidekicks.

"On. Me. Grok me?"

"Huh?" said Penny.

"She means 'understand,'" said Aggie. "Some word Asimov coined."

"Heinlein, actually," said Lisa, rolling her eyes. "Psshh. Hopeless." She turned to the Magus. "You won't harm either of them while I'm in there? I mean it."

He held up his hand. "I give you my word."

"None of that 'I lied' supervillain shit afterwards?"

"Promise. Now get the flippin' 'ell in there already." So Lisa hugged her sidekicks and walked through. "Right then, I'll put on some tea. Anyone for a bit of gin rummy?"

When Lisa entered the portal, she expected that she'd have to fight off demons, servitors, golems and Robert Anton Wilson knows what else. So imagine her surprise when she didn't find any. There was just a labyrinth, stretching around her in all directions.

Okay. She could totes handle that. Aggie wasn't the only one who knew her Greek mythology. She took a bit of string from her utility belt and uttered a charm over it to make it infinitely extensible as needed. That way, she could use it, like Theseus, to retrace her steps. She walked one way, then another, looking for Karen, occasionally calling her name just in case ol' Swampy had made her invisible.

After a while, Lisa discovered that the string was of no help because, whether due to this dimension having its own laws of physics or something else, it wasn't staying put where she'd unrolled it. Rather, it was going over the walls, down her shirt, up her shorts, such that she had to keep using the scissors from her belt to cut it and start with a new length. But each time she did so, the string zigged and zagged more and more. Soon she found it was becoming knotted and tangled around her legs, arms and fingers, and when she tried slipping off her shoes and socks, around her toes as well. Even between her top and bottom teeth, when she tried to bite herself loose.

Well. This was a challenge, no lie. But Lisa was in no rush. She could figure a way out of this, even without being able to make magical gestures or utter spells. Even when the air around her began to fill with a pink gas, she didn't panic. She was finding herself awfully tired, though. Surely it wouldn't hurt to lie down and rest for a bit? Even if she fell asleep, when she awoke Karen would still be there... somewhere...

As everything began to go dark, she thought to herself, Don't... call me... Shirley...

--To be continued--
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Re: The Annoyingly Amazing Lisa: Thunderbolt Trickster! [fic

Postby L'HommeQuiRit » Tue Aug 09, 2011 5:48 pm

Oh no! How will Thunderbolt Trickster get out of this?
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Re: The Annoyingly Amazing Lisa: Thunderbolt Trickster! [fic

Postby Alice Macher » Sun Aug 14, 2011 10:10 am


Part Eight: My Very Best Friends

"She's waking up!"

That was the first thing the girl heard as she opened her eyes. The first thing she saw was five multicoloured horses gathered around the bed she was lying in.

"Unnnh...where am I? Am I dreaming?" she asked.

"Not anymore," said a horse with a short blonde mane, freckles, and a cross on her hind quarter. "Boy howdy, missy, we thought for a minute you were a goner for sure!"

"Who...who are you?"

The freckled horse laughed. "Tarnation! Why, I'm yer friend, Applejacky-Ann, by God."

The girl blinked a few times. "And you?" she asked a filly with a longish deep blue mane and a peace sign on her hind quarter.

"I'm Twilag Sparkle, and I'm your friend too. Well, once I stopped being such a know-it-all loner."

The girl turned to the horse beside Twilag. She had a long red mane, and on her rump was an icon of two horses' hooves clasping each other. "And you are...?"

"I'm Fluttershelly. And I'm also your friend. Um. If that's okay?"

"Why don't I remember any of--? Well, maybe it'll come to me. What's your name?" she asked the equine, to Fluttershelly's right, who had a short, punkish red, orange and yellow mane, black lipstick and a Venus symbol towards the rear.

"I'm Sarainbow Dash, and I'm searching for true love. But don't worry, not from you, because I'm--"

"--Also my friend, I get it. That just leaves you," she said to the last of the unfamiliar but congenial fillies, who had a long blonde mane and a heart towards her caboose.

"I," said the blonde with a flourish, "am Parity. Because I've learned to be less elitist about my exquisite fashion sense and befriend the fashion-challenged as well."

"Like me, I take it. And...whatsername, Twilag, who's just got you in a headlock, only you seem to be reeeeally enjoying it."

Twilag and Parity looked at each other, blushed, and giggled.

"Wow," said the bed-ridden one, "I'm lucky to have so many friends, even if I can't remember you just yet. Just one more question: who am I?"

"Well shoot, sugar," said Applejacky-Ann. "Yer the wild an' craaaazy Winkie Pie."

"Wild and crazy, huh? And, and am I like...all of you?"

Parity grabbed a mirror and held it in front of her. "See for yourself, darling."

The girl took a look, and saw that, indeed, she wasn't a "girl" at all, but a filly with wild, two-toned pink hair. She checked her rump and found a mean smiley with crossbones on it.

"So... I'm a horse."

She broke into a wide grin. "Awesomesauce."

Days later, Winkie Pie, as part of her occupational therapy to regain her memory, was working behind the counter in the Geldingville Candy Shop, when Twilag Sparkle stopped by.

"Hi hi!" said Winkie, bouncing up and down. "'Sup, Twilag?"

"Hey, Wink," said Twilag, looking down at her hooves.

"U sad?"

"Hm? No, not sad, just preoccupied. From my research, I've discovered that our magical nation of Foalland is just about due for a visit from our archenemy, Nightkaren Moon."

"Nightkaren..." Winkie scratched her mane. "Y does that name sound familiar...can't quite..."

"She's a mean horse if ever there was one. But she tries to get everyfilly on her side by handing out treats containing mind-control juice. And she really has it in for Parity, and to a lesser extent me, for some reason. We'll need as much help as we can get to stop her."

"Ooh! Me me!" said Winkie, bouncing. "I'll help."

Twilag cocked her head. "IIII... 'unno, Wink. She's a very dangerous foal-foe, and you're still not quite yourself yet."

"Well, but... I'm your friend, right? And isn't helping each other, as much as they can, what friends do?"

Twilag smiled and hugged her. "Yeah. Yeah, it is. Okay, Winkie, I'll find some way for you to help."

"Kthx! Teehee!"

Suddenly from outside came the sound of loud, blaring music and intoxicated revellers, punctuated by an evil whinny.

"," said Twilag. "Looks like the trouble's here sooner than I thought. Better close up shop and come with me. We'll get the others."

Winkie Pie did so, and followed her friend outside, where they saw a throng of dazed-looking horses going around smashing things and bullying others. At the centre of the disturbance was a filly with a mane similar in length and style to Parity's, only raven-coloured. She was tossing out frozen treats on sticks.

"Winkie? Winkie Pie!" said Twilag. "Quit staring and hurry along. We have to get--"

Winkie's eyes narrowed as she watched the dark-maned filly. "That Nightkaren Moon?"

"Yeah, that's her. Now let's..."

Winkie scratched her chin. "There's just... something very familiar about all this. Those frozen treats she's handing out--I know what they're called, gimme a sec... aha! popsicles. And... and her name... Nightkaren Moon. NIghtkaren... Night... Karen... Karen."

"What are you on about?" said Twilag.

Winkie Pie jumped up and clapped her front hooves together. "It's coming back! LOL! LAWL! I know now what this is all about."

"Mind telling me, then?"

"I wouldn't mind at all, Twilag. Except...except the answer matters only to two individuals here. And one of them...well, SRY, but it isn't you."

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Re: The Annoyingly Amazing Lisa: Thunderbolt Trickster! [fic

Postby Kamino Neko » Sun Aug 14, 2011 10:43 am

This fic just got 20% cooler.
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Re: The Annoyingly Amazing Lisa: Thunderbolt Trickster! [fic

Postby sun tzu » Sun Aug 14, 2011 12:27 pm

(Note: A "g" and an "l" may be added to the start of the previous line. Accuracy remains unaffected.)
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Re: The Annoyingly Amazing Lisa: Thunderbolt Trickster! [fic

Postby Alice Macher » Sun Aug 14, 2011 8:36 pm


Conclusion: And Magic Makes It All Complete

"What do you mean?" said Twilag Sparkle.

Winkie Pie looked at her friend with no small measure of regret. "I mean, that it's time for Karen and me to wake up." She tilted her head back and inhaled deeply from the diaphragm. "LOTUM EDITOR EX-MACHINA!"

With that Dog-Latin roar, Lisa--for so it had been all that time, duhoy--found herself back in the labyrinth, having managed with the sonic blast to unfetter herself, knock down all the walls and dispel the pink sleeping gas. A few feet away from her was a raven-haired, curvy girl: awake, hunched over with hands over ears, trembling and crying softly.


Lisa had to repeat her name twice, slightly louder, before Karen slowly lifted her head. She was in the same little black dress she'd worn to the Magus's home a week ago. Her mascara had run in rivulets down her face.

"L-Lisa Winklemeyer, the Th-Thunderbolt Trickster?"

"That's my name; don't wear it out."

" I was...I was queen bee again. Well, queen mare. I was the center of attention, the life of the party. And now it''s all gone. Again."

Lisa helped her up. "It wasn't real this time, Karen. It was a dream. An illusion. The Magus trapped me here inside this dimensional portal, inside my mind, too, until I remembered who I really was and why I'd come here."

"To rub it in my face, like your friend did the last time?"

Lisa facepalmed. "To rescue you, dingus. If I hadn't come for you, you could've wasted away in here for all we know. And in the world out there, thanks to the concealing spells he'd cast, all images of you, online and off, had disappeared, and no one could pronounce or write your name. It would've been only a matter of time before no one remembered you'd ever existed. So. I can has gratitude?"

Karen's lower lip quivered. "You...came all the way here, risked your life, for me? Even after all the things I'd done to your friends? Why?"

"Because it's the right thing to do, whether you like someone or not. And because I'm a super-powered individual. That's how I roll."

"Thank you," said Karen in a tiny voice. Then, without warning, she threw her arms around Lisa and sobbed face down on her shoulder.

Wwwow. AWK-ward, thought Lisa. "Um, that's great, Karen. That's some killer gratitude there. Okay. That's, that's enough now--ah, WTH." And she hugged Karen back. Maybe she even got a little verklempt too. (Tawk amongst yuhselves.)

After...however time works in dimensional portals, Karen gently pulled away. She smiled at Lisa. Lisa, handing her a tissue, smiled back. (And no, they were not having a "moment." Karen was still straight, and Lisa not into her that way.)

"So," said Karen. "How do we get out of here?"

"Leave it to me. Ptakh et ha-sha`ar!"

At those words, the portal opened, and the two girls stepped back into Alvin Swamp's flat. "Sgor et ha-sha`ar!," said Lisa, and the portal closed and disappeared.

"Bugger it all for a game o' stogies!" said Swamp. "You came back."

"We came back," said Lisa. "Hi, girls," she said, as Penny and Aggie ran to embrace her. "Hey, don't forget to say hi to Karen here, now with 100% less bitchitude. Take my word for it." So they did, guardedly.

"I have so much to say to you both," said Karen with an open face. "But that can wait 'til we're out of here, right, Lis?"

Lis? thought Penny and Aggie.

"Yeah, it totes can. So," she said, turning to the Magus, "thanks for your 'hospitality,' I'm sure, but we'd better get going. We have all senior year ahead of us. So pip-pip, guv, and all that."

Swamp's eyes blazed. He blocked their path. "You en't going anywhere, slags. No one makes a poxy fool of the Magus."

"Um, wiki footnote: you gave your word you wouldn't pull any of that 'I lied' bullshit."

"I gave you me word I wouldn't pull that as concerns 'arming your friends while you were gone. I never made a vow about letting you all go."

"Why you smegma-dripping--!" said Penny, crimson-faced and tensing her fists.

"Whoa there, Pen," said Lisa. "Kiss your mother with that mouth? I'll handle this." She drew a breath and looked Swamp in the eye. "So, that's how it is, eh, Maggie?"

"Don't. You. Dare. Call me. Maggie."

"Okay, no big. Then how about I dare make this call: Mallardus Filmorus!"

At that, the windows opened and in flew flock upon flock of ducks, which made a beeline (duckline?) for the Magus. "Nooooooooo!" he cried, as they overwhelmed him in an instant, such that he could neither open his mouth nor make any gestures nor reach for any magical tools.

"Go! Run!" said Lisa to the other three girls. So they all ran out the flat, down the stairs, and out into the street.

"What'll those ducks do to him?" said Aggie.

Lisa shrugged. "Whatever they damn well want, is my guess. Maybe smother him. Maybe peck him to death. Maybe carry him off to their digs. I don't know his history with them. All I know is what you three, especially Karen, already know: he and they ain't exactly in each others' Google+ circles. But hey, if he survives this, maybe he'll have learned a lesson in humility and the limits of magical power. Something like that. I'm no Rod Serling here."

The following week, all of them, including Karen, were at Penny's for one of her renowned parties. No, Lisa didn't have to browbeat her into inviting Karen. Several hours spent on the flight back from London was enough to convince her and Aggie, who knew well that sometimes all it took was a single shared bad day, week or month to change minds and bury grudges.

After the party, Lisa and Aggie stayed behind to help Penny clean up and talk about their adventuring future. "What's next for the Thunderbolt Trickster and her faithful sidekicks?" said Aggie.

Lisa gathered up glasses and followed the two of them into the kitchen. "I've been thinking about that. I think it's time for a sabbatical."

"We're gonna go Wiccan?" said Penny.

"Eye roll. Not a 'sabbat,' a 'sabbatical.' A break from our 'job.' I mean, think of it. Here, senior year has just started and we've already missed a week of classes. We do have uni to think about."

" this the end of our adventures together?" said Aggie. "For life?"

"Life's a long time, Ag. I wouldn't be surprised if we did the whole For Great Justice thing again. I for one ain't hanging up my silly hat forever. Wherever I end up next fall, if there's wrongs needing righting that the cops can't handle, I'll be there. You know I sometimes do work solo. But I wouldn't rule out us three working together again. One thing I can tell you for sure, no matter where I end up ('cause I know you two mushbirds are headed to the same school), we'll always be friends. Always."

"A toast!" said Penny, grabbing three diet colas and giving one to Lisa and Aggie.

"To justice," said Aggie.

"To compassion," said Penny.

"To life, to life, lechaim," sang Lisa. "Nah, SRSLY: to friendship."

They clinked their still-unopened cans, then looked at each other, smiling, apparently having the same idea at once. Penny threw on an apron, and then, grinning widely, each of them shook her can...

"Life doesn't wait forever." --Lisa Winklemeyer
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Re: The Annoyingly Amazing Lisa: Thunderbolt Trickster! [fic

Postby adamiani » Mon Aug 15, 2011 3:05 am

Alice Macher wrote:THE END

Hard enough to see the strip end! To see the Thunderbolt Trickster bow out, too-- and before the end of the strip, rather than as a glorious coda-- well, that's just kinda sad!
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Re: The Annoyingly Amazing Lisa: Thunderbolt Trickster! [fic

Postby Alice Macher » Mon Aug 15, 2011 3:31 am

I take that as an indication you enjoyed the series. I've enjoyed writing it, too. And there may well be further Thunderbolt Trickster adventures at some point; you'll notice the story itself didn't say Lisa was retiring forever.

If you've been following the strip manip and Complete the Sentence threads, you'll see that I haven't exactly abandoned P&A fics, including ones about the Thunderbolt Trickster and her fellow super-powered (or toon-powered) individuals. At this stage in my life, preparing for a wedding and facing decisions about grad school, it's simply easier for me to write short fics, rather than longer, involved ones, for now. Okay? :)
"Life doesn't wait forever." --Lisa Winklemeyer
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