The Great Penny-Hate Debate

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Postby IS_Wolf » Sat Aug 23, 2008 3:46 am

dianekikiula wrote:
Azrael44 wrote:
dianekikiula wrote:
IS_Wolf wrote:
dianekikiula wrote:Do Sith feel guilt?

Vader/Anakin did, example: not acting on his sense of unease with regards to his mother, the whole Amidala thing. Later on the pain he caused his son (although granted, he was dying at that point).

Was he really Sith though?

He spent 18+ years as the "Apprentice" half of the Sith pair so he was as Sith as anyone else I would think.

Ahh. Thank you. I admit that I've never been sure on whether Sith was just a species, or if the Sith were those who embraced the Dark Side.

Both actually. See for more, including a link to the species info here.
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