Newbies: The best way to get up to speed with Penny & Aggie is to read the whole archive. If you don't have the time and would rather do a quick overview, the following 3 chapters should help you understand the strip a little better: "06 - The Ticket", "09 - The Race Card" and most importantly "16 - Names: A Study Primer."

01 - "The Best of Enemies." The archetypal Penny and Aggie story. Nobody hates like high schoolers hate. 02 - "The Mockingbird." Penny and Aggie compete for altruism points, and help "the new girl" reveal who she really is. 03 - "Crush'd." Aggie's first love, and a brand-new reason to hate. 04 - "The Last Days of Summer." Penny, Aggie and Nick cope with the passage of time by composing poems, torturing retailers and meeting someone hot.

05 - "Variety Pack." Pick one at random! 06 - "The Ticket." Duane crushes on Penny. Duane is friends with Aggie. Aggie still hates Penny. AWKWARD. 07 - "Uptown Girl." When alpha wolves date, no one knows who'll come out on top. Has Penny met her match? 08 - "Weights." How Marshall (Aggie's crush) fell for Karen (Penny and Aggie's archenemy), and where they seem to be going.

09 - "The Race Card." Aggie plays it, and pays for it. 10 - "Hate." Why can't Aggie just let it go?
11 - "Omega Sisters." Penny's at the top of the social order. Aggie opts out of it. But who is at the bottom? 12 - "Celebrity Poker Showdown." Karen's back and bad, and ready to challenge Penny and her posse.

13 - "Campaign Trail." As if high school isn't all politics anyway. Aggie and Duane team up against someone who, unlike every other political candidate in history, may be unscrupulous. 14 - "Parent's Nightmare." So where are you going for spring break? 15 - "Shoposphere." Yay, the Internet. 16 - "Names: A Study Primer." A quick refresh on who all our characters are and what their frikkin' problems are, anyway.

17 - "Second Looks." Pretty much everything happens at once in this one, which is why you needed the study primer.
18 - "Pod People." The makers of the Zune think they invented the first music player that lets you share songs with friends. Wrong again, Microsoft.
19 - "Behind Closed Doors." Lots of snuggling, kissing, and even more gross stuff. (PG-13)
20 - "Tees and Cues." For Stan, self-promotion begins before you even open your mouth.

21 - "Undertow." You can pick your friends, but can you pick your friends correctly?
22 - "Dinner for Six." Six people. Three couples. One dinner. Misunderstandings. Complications. Twisty. Fun.
23 - Burgerzone. T and Gisele take a quick detour from Penny and Aggie to give you a taste of something new and strange…
24 - "The First Man I Ever Loved - Part 1." Fathers, be good to your daughters.

25 - "Vertigo." Dance party! Whee ha! So much fun, you might not notice the two lives changing forever until it’s too late.
26 - "Bedside Manners." Penny's ex-boyfriend, once seemingly indestructible, now lies near death. On the bright side, if he saw all the fuss being made about him, he'd really be insufferable.
27 - "Awakening." Sara has finally woken up and smelled the lesbianism. Where will her life go from here?
28 - "20 2020 Pennies." What different kinds of people might you be?

story29 spacer story30 spacer story31 spacer story32
29 - "Minjung." Teenage girlhood means something different in South Korea than it does for Penny and Aggie-- something so heavy that Yun-Sung feels she'll burst under its weight.
30 - "Bridge Out." Penny pursues love to the ends of the Earth-- and the end of the road.
31 - "Live Free of Dye." A mission of mercy and camping adventure unites one-time enemies, and leads to the sharing of an important secret.
32 - "THE POPSICLE WAR, Chapter One: Injustice Gang." Keep your enemies close... and don't let them get close with each other.

story33 spacer story34 spacer story35 spacer story36
33 - "THE POPSICLE WAR, Chapter Two: When She Was Good." Karen and Marshall's relationship takes a surprising turn, forcing them both into big decisions before the "war" even begins.
34 - "Terminus A Quo." An early look at colleges draws Aggie into a terrifying world of uncertainty. Or four. 35 - "THE POPSICLE WAR, Chapter Three: Drama Queens." This one is different because it's all about high school drama. 36 - "THE POPSICLE WAR, Chapter Four: Malcolm." When an irresponsible actor acts the role of a responsible man who pretends to be irresponsible, that situation might lead him to an unexpected response.

story37 spacer story38 spacer story39 spacer story40
37 - "THE POPSICLE WAR, Chapter Five: Whispers And Silence." The quiet weapons are the ones to be afraid of.
38 - "What You Can't Teach." What made Aggie who she is today? 39 - "Conversion." How did you change after giving up on your first big love? 40 - "THE POPSICLE WAR, Chapter Six: Interventions." Sara learns once and for all who her friends are... and aren't.

story41 spacer story42 spacer story43 spacer story44
41 - "THE POPSICLE WAR, Chapter Seven: Suicide Run." Aggie makes her move, and falls right off the chessboard.
42 - "THE POPSICLE WAR, Chapter Eight: D-Day." The tide turns. 43 - "Fan Glam No. 21." In another, nerdier world, popularity is measured by life points, and Penny finds herself in the red. 44 - "THE POPSICLE WAR, Chapter Nine: Teams of Rivals." Penny, Aggie and Stan's old hatreds are cooling... while Karen's clique may be doomed by its own apparent victory.

story45 spacer spacer spacer
45 - "THE POPSICLE WAR, Chapter Ten: Everybody Loves Duane." Lemmings really do sometimes run right to their own destruction, but not as enthusiastically as people do.
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